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Welcome to Red Rose Music


Red Rose Music (RRM) audio equipment is for people who love music and film, and appreciate the finst quality of sound, construction, and design. RRM products do not go out of date. They are designed to offer decades of trouble-free performance,as well as the pride of ownership that goes with having the very best.

Rosebud 2

We've developed new technology and manufacturing resources to break the price barrier. Now, for the same cost as many mid-fi products, you can have the emotion of real music.

Mark Levinson's new vision is a return to quality and simplicity.

New! Red Rose Music announces three revolutionary new products for music, home theater, multi-zone systems, and custom installation. The M1,2, 3 and 5 can be used in a modular format to create many different types of systems from simple to truly awesome. The M1 multi-channel A/V integrated amp, the M2 modular speaker, the M3 subwoofer, and the M5 power amplifier open a new world of audio possibilities. The new Nocturne floor-standing speaker raises the bar for playback of music and video sound tracks.

The Classic Ribbon speaker receives a stunning review in International Audio/ Video Review. Red Rose introduces the Spirit Theater Monitor!

Red Rose has Spirit systems starting at $2,500. The Red Rose Baby Reference System includes the Passion integrated amplifier ($3000) and a pair of Rosebud II speakers ($3500).

For even greater performance, M2ís can be stacked in sets of 2 - 8 pairs per channel, powered by one Affirmation amp ($7,000)or an M1 multi-channel amplifier ($5,000). For maximum performance, each stack of M2ís can be driven by racks of M5ís with one amp channel per speaker. M2ís can be mounted in-wall, on-wall, or free standing on custom stand.

Superior factory-level assistance.

Red Rose Music is committed to complete customer satisfaction through engineering and service. Red Rose puts the customer first.

Red Rose Music manufactures audio equipment with a focus on quality and simplicity. We provide factory-level engineering and assistance straight through to your residence or studio.

Architectural Integration is a Red Rose specialty.

The Red Rose Architectural Integration team builds sophisticated home theaters and multi-room systems. Conceptually elegant, our easy to use systems are beautifully integrated into the design of your home or office. We can match any decor, and offer solutions for virtually any application.

"It is very exciting and fulfilling to finally be able to offer the ultimate in sonic quality at affordable cost. Despite their modest (by high end audio standards) size and price, Red Rose equipment is truly reference caliber." - Mark Levinson

 Red Rose Music 191 7th Ave at 21st St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10011 | Phone 212.337.0877 Fax 212.337.0433 | Click here to contact us.