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Model One

Model Two

Model Three

Red Rose Tube Amplifiers

These products are no longer available, but represent the unique heritage of Red Rose vacuum tube product design and manufacturing.

Model One

The Model 1 Reference mono-block amplifiers represents Red Rose Music's ultimate statement of vacuum technology.

Model Two

The Model 2a is a medium power stereo amplifier providing outstanding musicality at an affordable price. The Silver Signature edition raises the performance of the Model 2 a to another level through the use of premium parts and materials.

Model Three

A line-level preamplifier providing a perfect companion for the Model 2a. The Silver Signature edition of the Model 3a is the perfect partner to the highly acclaimed Model 1 mono-block amplifier or Model 2a Silver Signature stereo amplifier.

Model Five

The Model 5 brings together the power of the Model 2a and the functionality of the Model 3a in one convenient component. A music lover's dream.

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